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You have a great product

Your product has shown to be successful in other markets


You have the right capabilities

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How does it work?

Create your company profile

Create your company profile

Register your company and create a company profile page 100% for free showcasing the capabilities, certifications, pictures and product portfolio. We will review your application and get back in 48 hours.

Search for a distributor

With a paid plan you can search for a distributor in your target market and connect with them. Without the paid only distributors can contact you.


Discuss and negotiate the terms that you need to work together with a distributor. You control your own terms. Tradesnest can help you coming to the best terms for your business.

Make a deal with distributor directly

Make a deal

Once you have found the right business partner for your company and discussed the details you can make a deal. Tradesnest takes a small fee and makes sure your payment is secured after your set payment terms.

Discover the benefits of
working with distributors

Local Contacts

Local distributors have built long term relationships with local retailers. Distributors have built these relationships throughout the years and are trusted sources for the retailers. They provide their contacts with the latest products and they have done the ground work and research for them. That way, they can try out the new products without taking a big risk working with a new brand.

Buy Large Volumes

Distributors have the capability to buy large volumes, even containers, to optimise the shipping cost and supply their network.

Distributors who buy large volume
Marketing your products locally

Marketing Campaigns

Distributors know the best ways to market a product in their country. They have tested many marketing strategies and together you can make a plan on how to position your product in their market.


Distributors have warehouses close to the retailers. They are able to stock up the products and supply the retailers as soon as the product quantity level drops in the stores.

Distributors who take care of returns

Handling Returns

Distributors work closely with the retailers to handle any problem the product might have. The distributors can take the products back and handle them as per an agreement they have with you.

Market Knowledge

Distributors have built a large network of retailers and are well known in their market. They know the ins and outs of each retailers and they will know how to present a product to to them in order to capture their interest.

Distributors with knowledge in the industry
Negotiate directly with distributors

Negotiations with the retailers

Distributors know the margins the retailers require to get a product on the shelf. Even if the product is very interesting to list, without the right margins it can be challenging. The distributor’s role is to negotiate the best deal for your product while making sure it is beneficial for the retailer and most importantly the end consumer. Creating a win-win situation is crucial to build a long term relationships in the market.

Meet trusted distributors who can
significantly grow your business


Have local contacts

Find a business partner who has the right connections to grow your business in your target market.

Have Local distributors

Buy large volume

Find a business partner with warehousing capabilities which allows them to buy large volumes and drop ship retailers faster.


Market your product

Find a business partner that can take care of the local marketing campaigns, promotions, handle returns, and above all, grow your sales significantly.

Grow your business

If your business is ready to enter new markets then Tradesnest can help you achieve your goals faster and smarter. Our platform offers a unique environment where it’s easy to communicate with distributors around the world.