How to grow your business

How to grow your business during the pandemic?

How to grow your business during the pandemic?

How to grow your business

Growing your business during the pandemic is not an easy task!

The current global situation took us all by surprise. COVID-19 virus did not only cause serious health concerns, but it also still significantly impacted businesses and the economy in general. Nobody could have predicted that traditional ways of working and doing business would be so radically transformed and all or most of our business activities would now have to happen online. Prior to the pandemic small, medium and large companies used to attend trade shows and corporate events to find the next innovative products or trusted distributors. Deals were done and contracts were signed in person, now, online is the new normal.

How can you grow your business?

Trade shows and corporate events have been canceled. Business travel is restricted and entering in most countries requires a certificate showing a Covid-19 negative test result that is usually expensive and is an additional inconvenience. To make things even more difficult, some European countries require exemption certificates and justification to enter or to travel within the country. If that did not stop you from traveling, a curfew just might. As the rules are changing every day, most of us do not even dare to travel abroad or even within our country. Let’s face it, working from home is the new normal and for small and medium companies, this situation makes it even more difficult to find new business partners or simply to do business. 

As there is still no clear end in sight globally and as the pandemic continues, there has never been a more pressing need for companies to re-think and re-design their businesses to face a changed world. Now is the time for companies to focus their efforts on digitalizing and transforming the ways they do business.

At Tradesnest, we can get you in front of your target customers and help your business grow despite the challenging times. The business and technologies have evolved, there is no need for long introductory emails and countless phone calls. You can now meet your ideal business partner directly on our curated platform, where we make sure only the best companies are accepted and can really grow your sales in new markets.

For the Distributors:

With Tradesnest, there is no need for travel, our platform is accessible anytime and from anywhere. You can easily discover innovative products from your laptop or mobile.

We understand it can be hard to trust companies online and start doing business when you have not met in person or never saw their products other than in pictures. At Tradesnest, we stand by a meticulous qualification process, we qualify each company and ensure the quality of products; our prequalification process is set up to ensure that every member is a verified potential business partner.

For the Brands:

Explore new markets for your products with Tradesnest while staying at home or in your office. There is no need to travel to find new business partners in your target market, you can easily connect with distributors around the world in a few easy steps on our platform. It’s not only keeping you safe, but also saves you time and money.

The pandemic may be far from over and doing business online is the new normal. Tradesnest will provide you with a list of potential connections in your target market to whom you can introduce your company and products and in the end, make a deal.

If you have any questions about how Tradesnest can help you find trusted distributors and retailers, get in touch here and learn more how to do business safe from your home or office!