Frequent Asked Questions

Tradesnest is an exclusive B2B platform connecting innovative consumer electronics brands with distributors globally. If you have questions about how Tradesnest work, please check our Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) to find your answer.

Who is Tradesnest for?

If your business is ready to enter new markets then Tradesnest can help you achieve your goals faster and smarter. Our platform offers a unique environment where it’s easy to communicate and do business directly with distributors and retail buyers around the world.

Does Tradesnest sell the products for us?

Tradesnest does not sell the products. Instead, we provide an exclusive platform where you showcase your products to distributors and retail buyers and initiate a conversation with them directly.

Why should we use Tradesnest?

Finding a new partner can take many months (even years to enter certain markets). We reduce your search time by 95% by finding you the right business partner faster and more cost efficient. 

Does Tradesnest take commission on the orders?

Tradesnest doesn’t take any commission from the orders you get from the buyers. We do offer at check out a payment protection solution, here Tradesnest takes only a small administration fee if you choose to add this payment protection solution.

Who is paying for shipping?

This falls under the shipping terms you agree with your buyer. You are free to negotiate any terms directly. Tradesnest is not involved in the shipping process.

How much does it cost to join Tradesnest?

You can sign up to Tradesnest for free to showcase your products. If you like to contact the distributors you need to upgrade to one of the paid plans. To learn more about the plans, please see the pricing page here:

We don’t have a consumer electronics product, can we still join?

We are currently only working within the consumer electronics sector and with selected lifestyle innovations on Tradesnest platform. However, we may still be able to help you with our Executive Search solution. Please reach out on to request more information.

Can I try reaching out to some distributors for free?

Tradesnest offers a referral program.

You can get free credits to reach out to new distributors on Tradesnest by recommending your trusted distributors. If they are not on Tradesnest already you get 1 credit and once they are onboarded you get two more credits. So, recommending for example 3 distributors you can get up to 9 invites to distributors 100% for free. Check the referral program from your Tradesnest account dashboard or learn more about it here:


I believe Tradesnest packages are too high for our startup, do you offer discounts?

Tradesnest remains the most cost-effective solution out there to find quality distributors.

The alternative solutions are very expensive and time consuming.

Exhibiting at trade show is expensive. Next to the booth space, the booth set up don’t forget to add flights, hotel, dinners, transportation cost and much more. At the end you may find a handful of good distributors. With Tradesnest you can connect directly with these quality distributors that we have already pre-vetted for a fraction of the costs.

Distributors have reduced trade show visits and certainly can’t visit all events.

Alternative solutions of agencies may cost less in the beginnen but with an average of 10% commission it will cost you much more in the long run.

We are growing fast and need help finding buyers faster in certain markets, do you offer an alternative solution?

Yes, in our Executive Search package we offer a custom solution. Our team will help you search for the right buyers for your product in your target markets and reach out to them on your behalf, once there is a fit we connect you directly with them. Please contact us at for a quote.