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Refer your trusted distributor to us and get free credits

How Does it Work

Get 1 free credit for each consumer electronics distributor you refer to us, and get 2 more free credits once the distributor joins Tradesnest.

Can I refer any distributor?

As we are a consumer electronics distributor platform, we only accept trusted distributors with a good national retail network. 

Can I refer a distributor outside Europe?

Yes, we are a global platform. We accept distributors from around world.

How do we get a free credit?

You submit your referral in the form below and if we don’t already work with them, you immediately receive a free credit to contact any distributor of your choice on Tradesnest.

I am not registered yet on Tradesnest, how do I receive the free credit?

You need to register on Tradesnest and be accepted by our team to receive the free credit.

What if I am not a consumer electronics brand, can I still get on Tradesnest?

Unfortunately, we can only accept innovative consumer electronics brands who have a market ready product.

How many credits can I get?

You can get 1 free credit per distributor you refer who is not already on Tradesnest and get 2 more credits when they sign up.

Does the distributor have to pay to be accepted on Tradesnest?

No, we have also a free plan for the distributor to join Tradesnest.

Is there a maximum of amount of referrals I can make?

You can make as many referrals as you like. It is important to know a free credit is given to consumer electronics distributors with a good network of national brick and mortar retailers. Online only distributors are not accepted. 

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