Tradesnest commission in sustainability
Founders: Nancy Shenouda & Pierre Ouellette

How Tradesnest is Committed to Sustainability

Nowadays, consumers prioritizing the ethical implications of the products they buy and companies support it with every purchase. Now more than ever, valuing sustainability is of the utmost importance in the business industry. From the inception of the company, Tradesnest has always considered its impact on the world. Subsequently, we have made purposeful decisions to ensure that company is aligned with the best sustainability processes.  

Tradesnest’s industry disruption helps to reduce damaging carbon emissions

Tradesnest originated from the pitfalls of trades shows where hundreds to thousands of companies have to travel far and wide and often ship their products across the world to the exhibition. This costly transportation of people and goods for short events leads to high emissions of CO2 from planes, trains, cars, and trucks. Also, these events are also significant generators of waste. You can simply think of all the flyers and other marketing material being thrown away during and after the shows.

At Tradesnest, we seek to offer a much more sustainable alternative to the un-environmentally friendly aspects of trade shows. By disrupting this traditional way of doing business and reducing unnecessary emissions, Tradesnest leads the charge in B2B sustainable efforts. All while providing businesses around the world with an innovative platform that functions as a trade show and more.

Valuing the United Nations Development Goals of Responsible Consumption and Production

Tradenest is an online platform that can be accessed anywhere over the globe. Our services connect brands with reputable distributors. In this way, distributors can have access to every innovative product from anywhere in the world. This lowers the barriers to entry for companies founded in regions with less accessibility to key resources. 

Our CEO, Nancy Shenouda, considers this responsibility to equally provide international growth avenues when managing the direction of Tradesnest. In discussing Tradesnest’s view on world-wide sustainability, Nancy stated, “We, at Tradesnest, are aware of these global problems and we believe that providing the right technology that gives access to the same distribution channels whether the innovation comes from a developed or a developing country will help alleviate these problems and support economic growth. Ultimately, Tradesnest has made it part of its mission to contribute to the UN development goals by providing access to distribution channels to products from the developing world.”

Sustainable & Innovative brands

At the heart of Tradesnest’s commitment to sustainability is the most innovative eco-friendly and socially responsible products that our brand partners have created to better the world. Whether it be electric chargers made from responsibly sourced bamboo or portable water purifying devices, Tradesnest hosts many brands that are constantly solving the world’s problems with sustainability on the forefront of their products. Additionally, assisting these products become distributed into new markets around the globe to expand their international footprint and bring more innovation to more people is an immense point of pride to everyone on the Tradesnest team. 


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