The following Terms and Conditions (“Terms”, “Terms and Conditions”, “Tradesnest”) govern all uses of our website, B2B and ecommerce services, platform, and support services (collectively called “services”) of Tradesnest. Our services will be available through our website https://tradesnest.com and our company Tradesnest B.V. These terms apply to all of our services being offered through Tradesnest’s website. All the terms on this website such as “we”, “us”, “our”, “us”, “website” refer to the services of Tradesnest’s platform. The information is directed towards you (“user”, “your”, “buyer”, “seller”, “distributor”, “retailer”) through these Terms and Conditions and conditioned upon your acceptance of the terms, the policies, rules and everything else posted here. By using any of the services of our website, you agree that you are bound by the terms and rules of our website. You should read these terms carefully. The terms stated in our Terms and Conditions constitute an agreement (“User Agreement”, “Agreement”) between you and our website. These terms shall apply to you as a user, visitor, buyer, seller, distributor, client, member and anyone who has used Tradesnest’s website and used any of our services. If you are not in agreement with the terms provided on this page or any one of the terms, rules or policies of our website, you may not access this website in whole or in part and you also can not use any of our provided services. 


  1. a. Age Requirement 

You must be at least 18 years old in order to use our services. 

  1. b. Not Barred By Law 

You must not be barred by law from using a computer, internet, or otherwise our website for whatever reasons. This specifically includes the people who have been convicted by the court of law for the illegal use of computers. 

  1. c. Personal Information Requirement For Registration 

To provide our users the best services we will require personal information from the users. This personal information will include your first name, last name, profile photo, email and other contact information, address and other information as described in our Privacy Policy. 

  1. d. Automatic Information Collection 

There may be some information that will be collected automatically from the users when they use our website. To know more about it please read our Privacy Policy. 


On Tradesnest’s website: 

  1. a. “Buyer” means the user who is a customer or purchaser of service offered by sellers through our website. 

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  1. b. “COPPA” means “Children Online Privacy Protection Act”. 
  2. c. “Cancellation” means the cancellation of the subscription services between the seller and the Tradesnest website. 
  3. d. “Copyright” means any item of confidential information in which copyright or design rights subsists by the original creator. 
  4. e. “Escrow” means the services provided by Tradesnest for smooth transactions. The escrow fee is the commission fee taken by the Tradesnest website. 
  5. f. “EEA” means European Economic Area as described in our Privacy Policy. 

“FORCE MAJEURE” event means an event that is beyond our control. 

  1. g. “Payment Methods” mean the methods under which the funds can be deposited on our website. 
  2. h. “Platform” means our website through which we will offer our services. 
  3. i. “Price” means the total price of a service or order. 
  4. j. “Service” means the service attainable through our app. 
  5. k. “Subscription” means the subscription charges for the paid services of our website. 
  6. l. “User” means anyone who is registered on our website. This includes the sellers, buyers, distributors, retailers, and all other users. 


Our B2B marketplace is an online platform that brings together quality products, distributors and retailers globally where they can showcase or find products and conduct business directly in a single location. We help companies expand internationally in a much more time and cost-efficient way by putting them in contact with the right business partners in their target market. Through our exclusive B2B platform brands can present their products directly to the retail and distributor buyers and if there is a good match the buyer lists their products and the partnership begins. Next to connecting with buyers, our platform allows them to receive orders directly. We also provide escrow services through which both parties (sellers and buyers) can engage in business with peace of mind. 


If you are registering as a user or user of Tradesnest’s website, you are responsible for maintaining the security of your own account. You are also fully responsible for all activities that occur under your account. You must not describe or assign keywords to your profile on our website in a misleading or unlawful manner, including in a manner intended to trade on the name or reputation of others. We have the right to change or remove any description or keyword that it considers inappropriate or unlawful, or otherwise likely to cause any liability to us. You must immediately notify us of any unauthorized uses of your account, or any other breaches of security. 

We reserve the right to withdraw your access to your account without notice for any actual or suspected breach of these Terms or any other documentation referred to in them, including, without limitation, where we suspect that there has been unauthorized access to your account or any unauthorized disclosure of your login information. Page 3 of


You Agree That: 

  1. a. You are mentally capable of making your own decisions. 
  2. b. You are not a minor and at least over 18. 
  3. c. You can create a binding legal obligation. 
  4. d. You will not attempt to use our app with crawlers, robots, data mining, or extraction tools or any other functionality; 
  5. e. You have the right to provide all information you submit to Tradesnest’s website, and all such information is accurate, true, current, and complete. 
  6. f. You must not reproduce, duplicate, copy or resell any part of Tradesnest’s website except to the extent expressly permitted in these Terms and Conditions. 
  7. g. You must not illegally access, interfere, damage or disrupt our services, website, our systems, any of our hardware or equipment, or any networks on which our website is hosted, any services that we use to create or modify the website available to you, or any hardware, equipment, network, server, software or technology owned or operated by us. 
  8. h. You will not conduct any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, spam campaigns, direct or indirect marketing to anyone by any means, or spam, communicate with, or market to anyone any services or business not authorized by us. 
  9. i. You must use our services for lawful purposes only and in accordance with these Terms and Policies. 


We offer free as well as different levels of paid subscription plans for sellers. The levels of services will be dependent on the subscription plan chosen by the seller. Depending on the plan the sellers will be charged either once a year or on a monthly basis for our services. If you subscribe to our yearly plan you will be charged once a year on the subscription date and in the case of the monthly subscription you will be charged every month on the subscription date. Your subscription will automatically renew each month or year on the subscription date until you cancel it. You can cancel your subscription at any time and you will continue to have access to the services through the end of your monthly or yearly billing terms. However, after canceling your subscription before the renewal date you will not be charged for the next subscription. 

6.1. Escrow And Commission Fees 

For our escrow services, in order to provide our users the best and hassle-free service, we will hold transaction funds between sellers and buyers. These funds will be held in escrow until the seller and buyer (distributor and retailer) have completed the transaction and any merchandise, goods, products or services have been delivered. This period of money held in escrow is very important since it provides security to both the buyer and the seller. Payment will be released to the seller and out of escrow when both parties are satisfied that the transaction has been carried out correctly. For our escrow services, we Page 4 of

will charge 3% (excluding any service charges by Stripe) of the total price as our escrow or commission fee. Regardless of the subsequent events between the parties our escrow fee will be non-refundable. 

6.2. Authority Of Tradesnest 

  1. a. Satisfaction Refunds Policy: If a subscribed seller is unable to connect with any buyer within the first 14 days of their subscription, we’ll return the money to the sellers if sellers request the money. No further relaxation will be awarded after 14 days. 
  2. b. Payment Processing Problem: If there is an issue with processing subscription charges, the account will be put into ‘limited’ or ‘restrictive’ mode. The account will remain this way until the issue is resolved and the payment has been successfully processed. 
  3. c. Breach Of Any Rules: If we find that anyone is breaking any rules, we reserve the right to withdraw or limit such user’s access to his/her account. 

6.3. Disclaimer of Liability 

While availing any of the payment methods offered by us, we are not responsible or take no liability of whatsoever nature in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly to you including but not limited to the following : 

  1. a. Lack of authorization for any transactions since all payments will be processed through Stripe. 
  2. b. Exceeding the preset limit mutually agreed upon by you and between your banks. 
  3. c. Any payment issues arising due to insufficient balance during the transaction. 
  4. d. The decline of transactions for any other reasons. 

SECTION 7 – MODIFICATIONS TO THE SERVICE AND PRICES Prices for our subscription plans and commission fees are subject to change. We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue the Service (or any part or content thereof) without notice at any time. We shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, price change, suspension, or discontinuance of the service. 


Services and deliveries that are delayed due to any events that are classified as force majeure will not be our responsibility. These events may include (but are not limited to) weather conditions, lockdowns, environmental or dangerous goods incidents, perils of the air, public enemies, public authorities acting with actual or apparent authority, application of security regulations imposed by a government or otherwise applicable to the shipment, acts or omissions of customs officials, the authority of law, quarantine, riots, strikes, work stoppages or slowdowns, or other labor disputes or disturbances, civil commotions or hazards incident to a state of war, local or national disruptions in the ground or air transportation networks or systems due to events beyond our or shipping career’s control, disruption or failure of communication and information systems, disruption or failure of utilities, or any circumstances beyond services provider’s (such as merchant’s, manufacturer’s or company’s) control. Page 5 of


Without limiting any of the representations or warranties, the CEO, admin, and the owner(s) of Tradesnest B.V. and Tradesnest’s website have the right to do the following without giving any notice. The owner(s) and CEO have the right to refuse or remove any user’s account and subscription if in their reasonable opinion it violates any of the terms, policies or is in any way harmful or objectionable. Breach of any of the rules described in these terms or any specific agreement on and through our website will result in an immediate ban without any warning. 

Unless authorized and approved by the owner(s) or CEO of our website, making any agreements or business deals on behalf of our website is prohibited. The owner(s), the CEO, affiliates, or anyone related to the Tradesnest website or the company Tradesnest B.V. will not be held responsible to anyone for any unauthorized agreements or business dealings. 


The following type of items, products, content, materials (“content”), or anything similar is strictly prohibited from listings, tradings, or postings, and posting of such content will not be tolerated in any way. 

  1. a. Listing fake products as real products and using fake names, fake profile pictures, and catfishing is strictly prohibited. 
  2. b. Listing products that either are related to gore, death, slaughter, carnage, fetish and other violent forms of material is prohibited. 
  3. c. Listing of drugs and drug paraphernalia (mushroom, synthetic and herbal drugs) are strictly prohibited from listing on Tradesnest’s website. 
  4. d. Firearms, explosives, and destructive products are prohibited from listing on our website. 
  5. e. Pharmaceutical drugs, prescription drugs, and medicines are banned from listing on our app. 


The source code, logos, patents, drawings, words, patterns, design, videos, samples, layout, graphics, images, information, materials, documents, data, databases and all other information and intellectual property accessible on or through our website is the property of Tradesnest B.V. and is protected by International and Dutch intellectual property laws. If you have used our website, services, program, product, subscription or otherwise have entered into a separate agreement with us you will also be subject to the terms of that agreement. 

SECTION 12 – PRODUCTS OR SERVICES DISCLAIMER Our website, content, and services are directed towards accurately representing the information provided within the website. By using our website and our services by following any link you are acknowledging that you are participating in your own free will in using our website and using any of our services. You agree to use your own due diligence and judgment before applying any recommendation Page 6 of

or advice that you may receive on or through our website, product listings and services. Tradesnest is not a website that manufacturers products itself, rather it is a business-to-business (b2b) online platform where the sellers of products can contact and sell products to the buyers. Therefore, by using our services you as a user of our services hereby understand and acknowledge that we will not be responsible for any success or failure of any of the user, and even though we arrange to have the best possible outcomes for all of our users we cannot guarantee that each and every connection can or will be successful. 

Furthermore, we do not guarantee that we will be responsible for the workability and reliability of the delivered products and services. Tradesnest is not responsible for any context of any delivered material that a buyer may purchase. Every order, product, item, content, and material through Tradesnest’s platform will be the responsibility of the users and all users hereby disclaim Tradesnest’s website and company for now and ever. 


Our relation with the users of our website is that of an independent service provider and we will only provide our services as an independent agent, facilitator, or as a co-coordinator between the buyer and a seller and shall not be regarded, for any purposes, as being either manufacturer or retailer (or any other person for that matter) whose services we will be listing through our website. 

13.1. – Legal Responsibility 

Although we verify all parties on our website, still, we can’t take responsibility for anyone and therefore, we are not liable if there is a problem with a buyer or seller. All members and users of our services should discern their own risks before relying on any information given by any sellers or buyers. Furthermore, since we are only providing our services as an independent, stand-alone entity and we have no relationship, connection, or affiliation whatsoever with any company, manufacturer, retailer, seller, buyer or group mentioned herein. Therefore, you should assume no other party, by mere mention of their name, has endorsed anything you see here and we do not take any legal, financial or any other responsibility for any agreement or business dealings between the parties. 


Certain content, products, and services available via our services may include materials from third parties. Third-party links on this site may direct you to third-party websites that are not affiliated with us. We are not responsible for examining or evaluating the content or accuracy and we do not warrant and will not have any liability or responsibility for any third-party content, materials or websites. 


In no event will the owner(s), staff, team members, officers, employees, affiliates, agents, service providers and licensors of the website (Tradesnest) and company (Tradesnest B.V.) will be liable with respect to any subject matter of our website under any contract, negligence, strict liability, or other legal Page 7 of

  1. a. If any user has a complaint or dispute under or in respect of the subject matter of our website’s services, its working or in case if the user is aggrieved for any other reasons, the grieved user may, within 3 business days of the complaint or dispute arising, give written notice (complaint notice) to us. 
  2. b. The complaint notice must also be sent to the email: privacy@tradesnest.com. 
  3. c. If the dispute or complaint is not resolved within 10 business days of receipt by the other user of the complaint notice (or such further period as agreed in writing by the users) the dispute or complaint must be referred to the chief executive officer of the Tradesnest who must meet in a bona fide attempt to resolve the dispute or complaint. 
  4. d. All users must continue to perform their obligations while the complaint is being handled during this period. 

or equitable theory for anything that a user or subscriber might do, write or say on the website. Furthermore, the owner(s), staff, team members, officers, employees, affiliates, agents, service providers or licensors of Tradesnest website and company will not be liable for any special, consequential, indirect, incidental, punitive damages or lost profits to anyone, however, caused and on any theory of liability (including negligence) arising in any way out of services and the website of Tradesnest. 


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold our website, owner(s), staff, team members, officers, employees, affiliates, agents, service providers, and licensors harmless from any claim or demand, (including reasonable attorneys fees and expenses of litigation), made by any third party due to or arising out of your breach of these Terms and Conditions or the documents they incorporate by reference or your violation of any law or the rights of a third-party. 


Any Disputes arising out of any issues or problems related to our website shall be handled through the mediation process. Please note that nothing contained in these Terms and Conditions will hinder the statutory or legal rights of any person or entity; however, in case of dispute, the following procedure will be implemented as the first choice. 

Please note that alternate dispute resolutions replace the right to go to court. All users of our website understand and hereby agree and acknowledge that by using our services, users are waiving the right to a jury trial or a trial before a judge in a public court. In the absence of this dispute and complaint handling clause, the users might otherwise have had a right or opportunity to bring Disputes in a court, before a judge or jury, and/or to participate or be represented in a case filed in court by others (including class actions). Except as otherwise provided below, those rights are waived. According to this clause any dispute arising from our services shall be resolved through dispute handling procedure and arbitration and mediation as stated in the Dutch Civil Procedure Code. If the dispute cannot be resolved through mediation, then the dispute will be resolved through binding arbitration conducted in accordance with the rules of the legal system of Dutch law and the country of the Netherlands. Page 8 of


We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace any part of these terms. It is your responsibility to check this page periodically for changes. Your continued use of our website and usage of our services following the posting of any changes to these terms constitutes acceptance of those changes. We may also, in the future, offer new services and/or features through the website (including, the release of new tools and resources). Such new features and/or services shall be subject to the rules of these Terms and Conditions. 


These Terms and Conditions along with our Privacy Policy, and any documents referred to herein, set out the terms on which you are permitted to use our website and services. By using our website and our services, you agree to be bound by, and to comply with, these Terms. If you have any comments, questions, feedback, or suggestions you can contact us at privacy@tradesnest.com.