Thank You for Booking a Call with Us

Thank you for booking the Strategy Call



Using Tradesnest’s platform allowed LOQED to connect directly with key buyers in new markets to grow fast without having to spend large capital.

Michel Lieffering



I just came back from CES Las Vegas and after spending close to 5 days and probably more than €6.000, I brought less interesting info back than the one hour I got from Tradesnest this week. Tradesnest saves us a lot of time by showing us quality brands that already understand distribution, MOQ, price, retail retail packaging etc. I am very happy with this collaboration.

Manuel Hassig

CEO – Innov8


We have been able to showcase muuun, our next generation smart smoke and CO detector, at IFA’s with our partner Tradesnest and received many positive feedback and interesting leads that we are now following up on. We are looking forward working with Tradesnest’s team again for future major events!

Inga Kanclerienė

Marketing Manager – Eldes


In just a few weeks, Tradesnest had already worked fantastically for us! We have been able to easily find great new products and connect with market-ready brands. We were able to start discussing with the brands directly on the platform which makes the first contact simple. We’re looking forward to discover new and innovative products on Tradesnest

Danilo Cancelliere

Director – M. Schonenberger


Within 3 months we are in the process of entering 5 new markets and we just received our first order.

Tomas Patak

Co-Founder – WeAreTreed


Thanks to Tradesnest we received our first order from a distribution partner in 4 weeks.

Patrick Wonsowits

CEO – MonkeyStick


Tradesnest greatly assisted us in seeking international partners beyond Europe, they introduced us to great distributors for our brand. In a mere 3 months, TradesNest identified promising candidates for potential business collaborations, and now we are talking with six distributors from the USA, UAE, Canada and Argentina. This support significantly accelerated the process of finding interested partners. Their strategic approach, rapid results, and unwavering dedication are truly noteworthy. I wholeheartedly rate Tradenest 5/5 for their exceptional commitment.

Matteo Lega

Technology & Innovation Manager – Angelini Industries


We have recently upgraded to Tradesnest’s paid subscription and I have to admit that as a distributor, Tradesnest has significantly simplified our search for market-ready quality brands. This saves our team a lot of time and effort, and consequently saves our company money. We have made some great matches in just a few weeks and we’re excited to build success with these new brands in our market. I can only highly recommend Tradesnest!

Jim Loden

VP of New Channel Development – RocketDrop

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We will discuss the challenges that you are currently facing and your goals for 2024.

We will go over the best distributor profiles and your target markets.

I will also show you how to find the right distributors for your innovation effectively.

In this Strategy Call, it’s important to know your current traction and challenges. We recommend the person responsible for new partnerships to be on the call. If you need to invite a colleague feel free to do so.

The call will be with me, Nancy Shenouda, CEO and Co-Founder of Tradesnest. I have 17+ years experience working with distributors and retailers around the world.

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